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Tina De Jonge

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Lucid Dreaming, Shamanic Dreaming, Meditative Yoga...

Let's go beyond … Magic will be all around!!


Embark on a magical two day journey into the world of dreams! The first day we will explore Lucid Dreaming and the second day Shamanic Dreaming.

In the morning we will start the day with a Meditative Yoga session. We will focus on opening all our chakras and nadis to make our bodies fully accessible.

After the lunch break we start on Saturday with the workshop Lucid dreaming and on Sunday with the workshop Shamanic dreaming.

Here more information about the workshops:


Day 1: Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming means to realize that you are dreaming while you are dreaming, you become conscious in your dream.

Why lucid dreaming?

- We sleep 1/3 of our life, why not use this time?

- Deal with nightmares + sleep paralysis

- Unlock creativity, get access to creativity

- Train yourself while you are sleeping (music instruments, public speaking,   


- Shadow work, work with your nightmares

- Get in contact with departed

- Get in contact with your subconscious

- Progress in your spiritual path

- And last but not least: it´s so much fun!


In this workshop you will learn different ways and techniques how to achieve lucidity. Also how to prolongate lucid dreams. We will look at the stages of sleep and how to work with nightmares + sleep paralysis. Other topics covered will be how to work with a dream journal, how to perform reality checks and how to plan your adventures.


+ practical part to explore the hypnogogic state, the state between waking and sleeping

+ meditation to enhance lucid dreams


Day 2: Shamanic Dreaming

We will use the drum as a vehicle to journey into the dreamscape and explore Healing Dreams and Partner Dream Tracking

Healing Dreams

Why is dreaming central to healing?

We will get to know about how dreaming can help with nightmares, trauma and shadow work. We will learn about how our body and soul talks with us in dreams.

And there will also be a scientific approach towards healing in dreams, we will talk about Neuroplasticity, how we can actually restructure our brain.

With the drum we will embark on a healing journey to the The Healing Lake. Be prepared for transformation.


Partner Dream Tracking

Our memories of dreams are often fragmentary. We will learn how to remember more of our dreams and how to reenter dreams together to bring back information or support and healing. And we will also have a look at how to honor our dreams.

Why reentering dreams?

-You need to clarify the meaning of the dream – for example, to determine, whether it is literal, symbolic etc.

-You want to talk to someone inside the dream 

-You need to move beyond fear and nightmare terrors

-You want to have more fun

-You want to try to change something in the dream

-You want to bring through healing

-You want to get in touch with a part of yourself you encountered in the dream

-You want to enter creative flow and create with dream energy

-You want to use your dreams as portals to the larger reality

This workshop is for everybody, if you already have a dream practice or not. No prior experience required.


Let´s bring together magic into every reality!


Who is Ma Mandira Anand ?

Ma Mandira Anand is a 700 hours Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher + certified Meditation Teacher, all formation done in India. She works a lot with Sound and Yoga Nidra, a technique that explores the state between waking and sleeping. She is a Lucid Dreaming Teacher, trained in Guatemala and an Active Dreaming Teacher certified by Robert Moss. Active Dreaming is a combination of Shamanic Dreamwork and Conscious Living.

Find also more information about Ma Mandira Anand here:  and find reviews on her Lucid and Shamanic Dreaming Workshops at her facebook page MandiraYoga&Dreams.


!!!!! De Yogalessen worden in het Nederlands gegeven, de workshop in het Engels !! Neem gerust contact op mocht dit een probleem zijn voor jou.


Praktisch info:

10u15: wees welkom !

10u30: Meditatieve Yoga

12u00: Lunch / Ieder brengt eigen lunchpakket mee.  Soep, water, thee en koffie worden voorzien.

13u00: zaterdag: Lucid Dreaming   /    zondag: Shamanic Dreaming

17u30: rustige afsluiter van de dag

18u00: afronden van de dag


Mee te brengen: Een handdoek, een flesje water en een open mind!


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Dag 1–Zaterdag 21/09: Meditatieve Yoga + Lucid Dreaming, bijdrage €88

Dag 2–Zondag 22/09: Meditatieve Yoga + Shamanic Dreaming, bijdrage €88

Bij het reserveren van de 2 dagen geniet je het voordeeltarief van €166.

Er kan ingeschreven worden voor de 2 dagen of voor 1 van de 2 dagen. Hou er wel rekening mee dat de plaatsen beperkt zijn!

Uw reservatie is definitief na overschrijving van de bijdrage op onze bankrekening BE31 7380 3149 9255.

De workshop gaat door vanaf min. 6 inschrijvingen


Wees welkom !


Tina & Ma Mandir Anand